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Nature pond

One of the projects we are currently working on. A nature pond, for one of our Clients. (Thank you kindly for the permission to use the image, H&J. ) We’d like to thank the following for getting us the stock… Continue Reading →

Bending Branches

How & why do you need to bend Tree branches? First the Why?   You may just need to?  To train a Tree, or shape a Shrub. Deter a larger tree sending a branch the wrong way, or somewhere not… Continue Reading →

Bear in the woods syndrome

It’s the bear in the woods syndrome. They are out in the woods, have the perfect campsite set up by a stream, nice food supply near by, lush scenery and it feels good to be where they are; so they… Continue Reading →

Protected: Access – Pond garden rear wall clean and clear

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

New skills for 2019

OK, so this latest Project has me scratching my head a little and using the Ol’ Grey matter.   It is nice to have the creative juices flowing and to get some research into new things underway.   I’ve just… Continue Reading →

Serious Pruning Fairy Garden Grove Project

June 2018: Initial Visit and discussions with Client This area was hugely overgrown and had several small really nice Shrubs in place, but all so close they are not having a chance to flourish nor be shaped and looked after… Continue Reading →

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