How & why do you need to bend Tree branches?

First the Why?


You may just need to?  To train a Tree, or shape a Shrub.

Deter a larger tree sending a branch the wrong way, or somewhere not desired.

To prevent Property damage or Tree Surgery.


Then the How.

Small scale.

Passive methods can be employed.



Larch – Hose Pipe used to Passively restrain, tie down, train direction and angle; of this former Lead Branch.

The Direction the branch is now facing, allows it to gain maximum sun in the upcoming year.

It is being staked down passively to stake it out to the sun effectively.  It will be flooded with light, fed well and have a constant supply of water.

It is already being cared for via the Micro Irrigation system fitted and maintained by the Shadow of the Gardener team.

As the Larch Grows, this Branch will swell and again put out strong vertical growth, creating strong new growth across it’s length.  It becomes the lower bar or base for a Larch Frame Work, or a Sacrificial Branch, gives options for Air & Ground Layering; from a strong healthy Larch Tree donor.


The base material (Yamadori Larch being shown here) has been grown in a good aspect and open facing all around; so naturally weathered.  It’s trained by nature locally, so is drought tolerant and hardy to the UK. Branch Selection and shaping by it’s owner –

Source of material was Grown from Seed by

Larch Material Age Approx. 7 Years Old.

Status: Ready to be Harvested as Yamadori Bonsai or start producing Off spring Material.


Larch Bonsai Material by SOTG
7 Year Old UK Yamadori Bonsai Stock
Price £3k+