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Bending Branches

How & why do you need to bend Tree branches? First the Why?   You may just need to?  To train a Tree, or shape a Shrub. Deter a larger tree sending a branch the wrong way, or somewhere not… Continue Reading →

Protected: Access – Pond garden rear wall clean and clear

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Why are pro gardeners so expensive?

I get asked this a lot. When prices go up people don’t like it. Least of all those who are having to raise prices to stay in business. Shadow of the Gardener is like any other small business; subject to… Continue Reading →

February 14’s

Given my recent post about not trusting this weather, I feel taunted somewhat by the last few days…   It’s been a steady and very sunny Blue skied and balmy 12 – 14 and even touching 15 degrees here in… Continue Reading →

A few months ago there was of course the usual spate of slow news day journalism, when many of the usual Newsagent shelf papers name some weather front and roll the dice on it causing a day or two of… Continue Reading →

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