Given my recent post about not trusting this weather, I feel taunted somewhat by the last few days…


It’s been a steady and very sunny Blue skied and balmy 12 – 14 and even touching 15 degrees here in Rutland during the daytime and into early evening even.



The Frost on the ground and across the opens and still lingering till 10am shows that not being fooled was wise.  That is hint enough to know that there is a high potential for further days below Zero degrees and cold frosty hands are waiting in the night for those risky early sown seeds or planted out tenders.


Even a risk going for a cold frame option to try and make something of this mild moment for less tougher young stuff; and unless you have a heated space such as a greenhouse or a polytunnel, the wait could be the most prudent as those temperature drops now are still harsh and could damage if not kill, or at least cause stress to a plant.  It’s still February and not exactly regular planting out time so spend the time preparing for the mad dash for sowing time proper.


Spend the time perhaps as I have this week, it’s started to be pruning and hedging time, so long touch gloves and sleeves as well as a multitude of brushes, rakes and multi drop bulk bags of razor sharp and thorny hedge clippings through to tree and fruit canes or branches.

While for me it may involve many days and many hours a day each week with heavy petrol powered machines to do 100 metre long lengths, for you I hope it’s a smaller more personal space hedge and one you can plan and shape year after year to your own design.  My toil is to hopefully bring someones hedge to their required spec and shape it so it is as pleasing as well as provide the security and seclusion if that is its main function.

This is a great time of year to trim hedges, bushes and fruit trees (Most, not all!)  As well as tend Roses, Wisteria and Fruit Canes and Rhubarb (Check for those Forcing it.)

So this week was mainly spent with the power tools out for most of the day, then the laborious job of cleaning up the trimmings.


Today (Friday 15th Feb) however was a different beast entirely, though it was my day doing my other day job, working as a Horticultural Therapist.  So it was a day spent doing Gardening, just in a different manner and a different gear.

It was a few hours spent basking in the warm sun, 12 degree to start with and a steady 14 degrees out on the Allotments.  All while doing some late season cleaning up and also Spring prep for beds and borders.  Lit a fire to keep any chill at bay and of course I am lucky enough to have been donated a camping stove and kettle so hot drinks available on demand!  =]

A more mellow relaxing day doing one of the things I love, gardening and enjoying the relaxing benefits that come with it, as well as gaining the stress relief and even gentle slow work down from a hard week of physically and mentally demanding life.