Regular Schedule interruption:

Given the potential for storm damage and other major damage from Forecast storms & volatility of the weather ahead for the next few days.

From Tuesday the 12th of March till Saturday 16th of March – Non Urgent Bookings Postponed.

Unless it is Rated as Urgent work or required for Safety or Access/Exit normal Garden Space care and Tending work in them is on Hold to cover for Emergencies and the Health and Safety situation of working in those conditions.

Your regular Booking will resume next week; weather and Ground conditions allowing.


Should you have an Emergency or Storm Damage, please Email me in the usual manner and let me know; I will come out as a priority.


I will be out to check the Buildings I am a Key Holder for, so I will be in and around the villages roughly around the usual times and days.  If you need me and spot the van or Shadow and I out for a walk then give us a call and we can discuss; or go look at what has happened or what needs doing.


As long as the Storm has passed, the first date currently open for bookings, either for an out of schedule time slot, or to get some clear up done after the storm.

I will have 4 Hours on Saturday 16th of March

Storm Damage Clearing ONLY – 10am till 2pm Latest possible Finish INCLUDING Green Waste Removal Transport and Unloading.

@ the Rates for the On Site level of Damage and work required to clean up + Tooling and Labour + Disposal/Carriage.

All quotes or offers are subject to change based on “Green Waste Carrying Rates for a Van, Driver and Labour to fit your Requirements or Task.”

Email early to book or I won’t be available till the next week and that weeks booking schedule.  I have a small number of clients; but they are spread out over the Rutland County so it takes a week or so to catch up after Storm or Weather Delays.


I best take this chance to add a little blog and work update while passing on emergency weather information as I have been poked about not putting a Blog Post out for over a week due to working some bigger jobs.


Cold Weather is Back again as I predicted and warned about…

I did note while driving home last night that the Ice on the Road Warning light came on in the van, which was soon followed by an oncoming Rutland County Gritter when I had only entered the County not 5 minutes previously and the temperature dipped to 4 Degrees Celsius as I crossed the border.

I’m glad I’ve held off starting to think about Spring Sowing or Early Season stuff and more so held off on certain Jobs or tasks based around the weather staying milder when I knew more Cold and Storms were inbound.

It’s certainly saved a lot of time and money wasted risking an early full spring in February and March when we’ve had no real week or 4 of actual Winter weather but 2 weeks of balmy early heat….  Which has been bordered with mostly just sub 10 degree weather.


Not long enough for a proper plant or Organic Dormancy period of required…

After last years long heat, this doesn’t bode for a good year as it will weaken plant life that requires dormancy periods to allow healthy growth.

Expect to be required to feed and especially foliar feed your plant stock this year through the full growing season.  Starting as soon as Plants show signs of growth when the weather is consistently mild enough to allow feeding and uptook or intake from Root or Foliar Feeds and other sources of nutrient delivery.


On the To Do List and Jobs done the last week or so…?

Not that I didn’t take advantage of as much of the recent good weather as I got stuck in with Hedge Trimming before the birds start nesting; and you are then not allowed to do so.  Trim back with vigorous or thuggish hedging material.  Be aware that conifers generally Do NOT like being taken back to brown wood without Green Growth left to regrow.  If unsure; just gently shape or clip into a line as straight as possible or as required.

While I may have had the bigger powertool out dealing with long and high hedges, they all get taken care of the same or in the same way unless they are not being used for security or privacy.  Ornamental Hedging requires a more finessed or delicate touch and care plan.  I do work across the spectrum of size, shape and type of hedge or tree stock.

It’s also been a time spent heavily removing lot’s of Hedge and Scrub as well as clippings and prunings generated while having a thorough  clearance to remove annual or seasonal build up of organic detritus and improve aeration and airflow; but also to remove that dreaded build up and factory production spore making Moss and Thatch.

This is generated by damp places or areas with poor air flow, as well as wind pollination blown in spores from elsewhere.

This is now Moss and Thatch removal Season


To remove it or at least start to contain it and regain actual grass as the major part of any lawn or path.

Planting up with Spring Bulbs for this year and an early planting of some that will take time to turn around and will flower late this year depending on weather; or early next year has also been a job on the list this week.  Taking the chance when the soil was damp enough to hand till with a hand trowel and hand fork; after a quick hand weeding.

I will habitually if permitted; Plant in generous groups with a hand full of bulbs at a time and mix the colours of the groups or varieties between planting areas for a more flowing texture and palate as well as chronologie.

Scattering Bulbs in a pre-dug pit to the stated/required planting depth, but mixing up the bulbs randomly and unevenly.

Even ensuring not all are pointing the correct way.  This means some have to spend some time moving themselves into the right situation and delays them growing or alters their size and shape as well as vigour.  Some plants may be weaker for a year or slower/smaller.  Eventually though over time this allows for annual change and differences of the display as items gain strength and situate over time as well as regenerate at different speeds or show at different times.

This week during the Storms and unpredictable weather I will be removing larger pieces of timer and other Reclaimed wood items.

Any large items of Lumber or Timber that have some use left in them I will happily remove for you @ The Standard Timber removal Van Load Surcharge or Price Per Hour + Mileage & Labour costs during Storm Weather Warning times.



Spares/Repair/Project/First Vehicle.

  • Vauxhall Combo Van For Sale.
  • 100k+ miles on the dial.
  • 2004 Plate – 1.7 di MAXX Van is a Non Runner.
  • Working Central locking and Cargo Doors Deadbolts (RCL not functional.)
  • Some Logs/Service History, and possibly a second spare key.
  • MOT/Tax Due Soon.  (Cheap to Insure as a Van and £250 Road Tax)
  • Suspected ECU/Engine Management/Electrical Fault issue.

Van condition as to be expected for it’s age and type.

Graphics were Professionally made/applied so removal should be no issue.

Sold as Seen – No Warranty – Sale Subject to Cash or Electronic Funds Cleared.

When running does the job and was a good workhorse for the first 8 months of starting up my own Business as a Gardener.  Those of you that know me and know the van are aware it worked without fault for most of last year when I bought it.

I am sad to see it go but as my current business was built on the back of this van as it was my first fleet vehicle but I can’t afford to get it back on the road as I needed to Upgrade to a larger van anyway .

So this is now looking for a new Owner or Business to be a Workhorse for.

As it deserves to be driven and carry on earning someone a living or making their fortune if they are starting out as I did with a hope and a dream and enough cash to make the right small van work for them to get started.

This is a no frills workspace or “carry what you can fit in it” Van.  It’s not pristine nor an “All wheels shiny and perfect show van”.

It has dents and knocks and some things are either broken or don’t sit just right because it is after all over a decade old and done the miles of service it has; but still has service left in it.  The engines and chassis on these vans are known for long life and good running through older age which is why they are still sought after and seen so often.

It’s only had a few minors picked up in it’s working life at MOT Time and no doubt once its had a quick bit of TLC the same will stand or the issues will be small easy fixes.  I’m a Gardener though, not a mechanic, so bring your own mechanic or enough knowledge to know a bargain when you see one.

It can however go from job to job all day and carry a rather astonishing sized load and do so in comfort and is also pretty economical given the van age.

If you want a small double rear doored, side sliding door, 2 seater.

“Starting out van” and have some technical and mechanical know how, or access to them; then this might be ideal for you.


Viewing welcome and a meeting by arrangement and booking there after.

Signs of Rust, Wear and Tear and Weather damage Inside and Out due to vehicle life/use.

Perfect for use as a Courier Van or other Removals and Carriage use.

(Fits Very Large Dog Crates and still room for power tools and lawn mower etc.)

Van is parked under a light source for extended viewing.


To discuss this Van and it’s details for the Sale further, message me through the Contact system on the Shadow of the Gardener Website directly or through the Official Shadow of the Gardener Facebook Account please.