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Snow in Rutland

Just a reminder to SOTG Clients.   If you have any issues being snowed in or are having trouble on your properties caused by the snow. Shadow of the Garden is open & happy to come clear your drive or… Continue Reading →

Storm Damage Emergency call out

Weather Warnings in place for Rutland. Yellow warning of wind From 04:00 BST on Fri 21 August To 18:00 BST on Fri 21 August SOTG is on call if required to clear storm damage and Windfall or repair property lines… Continue Reading →

Temperature rising

High temperature warning: Rutland. One of the reasons I adore my Clients; is how much they care for Shadow and I. I’m booked in to a regular Client later today and just got an email from them with regards how… Continue Reading →

UK 2019 Summer begins – Electrical storm warnings

The weekend just passed saw the longest day come and go; it was lovely to still see the fading light still glowing in the sky near 11pm on Friday night. To come back only a few hours later. The Gulf… Continue Reading →

Temperature rising

Summer approaches #BST   As the approach of British Summer Time closes in, the temperatures are set to start heading up steadily over the next few days.  Pushing beyond 20 degrees and into the mid 20’s. The recent weeks of… Continue Reading →

Rain rain go away…

It’s been a very wet and soggy week this week in Rutland. (Most of the rest of the UK also.)   Not ideal conditions for gardening, though for some tasks it’s actually beneficial.  (Liquid feeds and fertilisers are best used… Continue Reading →

Sowing at Easter

As can easily be seen and felt, the weather is turning into the warmer side of Spring and the lead into the seasons getting warmed up to allow plants to thrive. I will now be spending more time on the… Continue Reading →

Tempting as it is…

Hold off just a week or Two longer!   Before putting those tender plants out or starting to sow tender stock till the last of the frosts or risk of frost has passed.   The urge to get started and… Continue Reading →

Tender stuff alert

Just checking the weather for the job list ahead for this week and as I predicted a few weeks ago…   It’s about to turn cold again, so the recent mild and sunny weather may have convinced some people to… Continue Reading →

Weather Warnings Issued (11/03/2019 – 15th march 2019)

Regular Schedule interruption: Given the potential for storm damage and other major damage from Forecast storms & volatility of the weather ahead for the next few days. From Tuesday the 12th of March till Saturday 16th of March – Non… Continue Reading →

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