It’s been a very wet and soggy week this week in Rutland.

(Most of the rest of the UK also.)


Not ideal conditions for gardening, though for some tasks it’s actually beneficial.  (Liquid feeds and fertilisers are best used when the ground is wet.)

Given the amount of rain over this last week though it has made the ground very soft and spongy.

Now, for me it’s been mostly a week stuck in due to the volume of rain.  While this is frustrating and somewhat tedious; I can’t complain.



Given the length of last Summer along with lack of rainfall through it, and having had no actual Winter to speak of; the lack of rainfall needs making up.  The ground sources, streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs need filling up.  The ground itself has been very dry a few inches below the surface.

Now, combine that with the fact the temperatures are about to start rising as Summer arrives.  We need this rain and this amount and probably a fair chunk more for balance.

Already we’re starting to get the usual news cycle of heat waves approaching and building up this Summer to be close to tropical.

How much weight you put into those news stories is up to you, myself; I’ll take the rain now as we need it and it means I don’t have to go water all the Bonsai trees I have!  😉