Summer approaches #BST


As the approach of British Summer Time closes in, the temperatures are set to start heading up steadily over the next few days.  Pushing beyond 20 degrees and into the mid 20’s.

The recent weeks of rain have given the weeds a lot of time to get established given the mild conditions and more desired plants not thriving as well as typical weeds do given plenty of rain and mild conditions.

It does however mean ideal conditions for weeding are on the horizon.

Ideal weeding conditions?  Yes!

Ground that has recently had a good soaking for prolonged periods of time when drying out as the warmth grows and more sun starts to get through; softens as it warms and dries out so makes digging or scalping weeds much easier.  Even deep perennial weed roots such as dock and dandelion can be removed with less effort.  Using a Hoe or other methods of taking surface growth down to soil level (Mainly to deal with Annual Weeds.) is also easier as the soil is softer and you can Hoe through the surface smoothly.

Industrial weeding with a Strimmer or Brush Cutter is also more effective as the line or blade can penetrate the top few mm of soil and grind through it tilling and weeding at the same time; leaving a fine tilth as well as mulched weed exposed to the sun and wind.

Given the amount of space I am required to tend, using a Petrol powered Strimmer or Brush Cutter is a cost and time effective method.  It used low amounts of 2.4mm line to weed large beds or borders and can be used to power through growing beds being prepared for sowing or planting.  Or when about to be covered for the off season or laying fallow.

It’s an artform in itself when done right and takes a lot of practice to master. 

It requires technical skill and risk management as well as appropriate safety kit and the right machinery to do it

– Not for the Novices!

If I can’t break out the big power tools and have to weed…

I find it much easier to gently pull out large rooted and anchored weeds in these conditions (Warming up after a long period of rain and mild) with a much lower percentage/chance of the long roots and smaller roots snapping; to return later and require dealing with again.  Or easier to use a hand cultivator or more task specific hand weeding tool to remove weeds.

With the sun shining more and it being warmer, you can also leave the weeds removed in a pile exposed to the sun and take satisfaction in their demise if you so choose.  The process is speeded up further if there is a good breeze as it dries out the roots much faster.

Only fair considering the misery and time they cost us, right?  😉

Feel free to dispose of weeds as you see fit.

Though please ensure they are not going to cause a nuisance in the future or for someone else.

Dispose of them considerately please. 🙂


Be aware as the heat rises, your plants will require more attention; so ensure you provide sufficient water and feeds as and when needed to keep them healthy and growing.

It is not too late to sow or plant seeds or crops, veg or spuds.  The seasons so far have started late; so late planting still has the potential for good yields of crops, as well as late flowering plants or flowers!

The recent heavy rains have battered and damaged many plants or crops and that will set them back for a few weeks or in fact the plant may never fully recover.  A second generation sown or planted now may reduce that impact and allow for a bountiful harvest or display.

(Also handy given a lot of places will have seasonal sales to move stock for the upcoming season regardless of actual weather.)