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Autumn 2021

When does Autumn start in the UK? 1st of September is when the Meteorological Autumn, begins. For most of us though, the Autumnal Equinox is what is considered, the true start of Autumn. What is the first day of autumn… Continue Reading →


Jobs for the weekend! The Garden will more than likely want a good soak given the dry spell/lack of rain; for weeks here in Rutland. So now is a good time to prune back unwanted or dying foliage.To preserve the… Continue Reading →

Fell down a fox hole today

Sadly not the start to a really good drinking song. 😉   Tis true though, I did indeed fall down a fox hole today. Whoops… While out working performing some heavy duty line strimming with the Stihl backpack brushcutter.  Some… Continue Reading →

Community voluntary support to help social distancing

What was in the box

Oregon 110980 Universal Aluminium Fixed Head

Oregon 110980 Universal Aluminium Fixed Head with Nylium Trimmer Line ~ £17 online. This enables a sturdy and stable platform to run up to 8 lines of cord for blitzing even thicker weeds, scrub and dense patches of thorn or… Continue Reading →

Temperature rising

Summer approaches #BST   As the approach of British Summer Time closes in, the temperatures are set to start heading up steadily over the next few days.  Pushing beyond 20 degrees and into the mid 20’s. The recent weeks of… Continue Reading →

Couch grass

Couch grass, Twitch Grass. Grass looking weed, often known as “Ooh you bastard” grass. I’ve run into this annoying and crafty weed before personally and professionally many times.  I’ve used everything up to and including neat unleaded petrol and gas… Continue Reading →

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