When does Autumn start in the UK?

1st of September is when the Meteorological Autumn, begins.

For most of us though, the Autumnal Equinox is what is considered, the true start of Autumn.

What is the first day of autumn in the UK?

Autumn 2021 in Northern Hemisphere began on Wednesday, 22 September:
and ends on Tuesday, 21 December.
Dates are in United Kingdom Time format.

As can already be seen outside, many of the Trees have already started to leech back the energy from their leaves, turning them Autumn shades and eventually causing them to fall.  Spectacular recycling abilities!

This will intensify as the cooler weather starts to close in, which here in Rutland; will begin next week.

As we lose 5 to 10 degrees in the daytime temperatures over the next month or so, bringing average temperatures lower; and inducing dormancy/hibernation in plants and wildlife.

The lower temperatures also being reflected over night, where the temperature difference really starts to be felt in the garden. So the gardens and beds will now start slowing down or stop growing; and dwindle back to dead foliage.

Lot’s of cutting back to be done.

Also a good time to weed out and trim edges up, preparing them for longer periods of time tending them as they become less busy; and you can get into them easier with less foliage in the way.

Clearing our unwanted growth or tatty edged foliage etc.  Keeping the garden looking good; while condensing plants so they are prepared for the cooler weather.


This also reduces the need to water on the remaining warmer days or through warmer spells as Autumn takes hold.  Also if we have an Indian summer period later, after the first frosts have touched.

As the light reduces we now also enter a time of year taking photographs of your garden; can allow you to capture it in stunning Autumnal lighting.  The lower sun in the sky often produces spectacular photographs; so enjoy the last of the Summer & your garden looking good while the remaining days of Summer fade out.

Stay safe & take care!