Fiskars equipment S.O.T.G Deploys:

Fiskars Bypass Loppers.

Fiskars Anvil Loppers.


Full Reviews pending for all equipment.

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My thoughts or views, my rhyme or reason.

We now also have on the SOTG Van a set of Wolf Garten Bypass and Anvil Loppers.


I find both sets offer a differing level of grip or flex when they are getting towards their maximum cutting reach, or are in need of a good sharpening.


Not the toughest of blades, so be careful cropping or pruning near hidden wiring or fencing.  These are for soft material or deadwood material.  Treat them with respect and use them as intended; and they will work for years.

Both Fiskars and Wolf Garten provide this level of tools at roughly the same price.

For me the ergonomics or material choice depends on how stiff I want my point they bite or cut, the room or space I am working within, and the material being cut and quantity.

As I work with an assistant, having a second pair of the most commonly used tools when we set up for the day, can often save time on days we know we have lots of trimming, or pruning’s to take out or process.  These are both lightweight enough to be assured room in the load out barrow for the tasks ahead for that day.

In the end though, the Fiskars set have a squeal or squeak when they cut sometimes, which for me means I grab the Wolf Garten set first.