Oregon 110980 Universal Aluminium Fixed Head with Nylium Trimmer Line ~ £17 online.

This enables a sturdy and stable platform to run up to 8 lines of cord for blitzing even thicker weeds, scrub and dense patches of thorn or bramble…

Seriously.  It’s carnage on a pole if used correctly.

Will run a pretty thick line and also thinner line options (some adjusting or knot tying in line needed.  Yet rewarding!)

I ran this head unit today with 4 strands of Stihl Orange Square line @ 2.4mm (About a 13 or 14 Inch strand with a knot tied into the middle area to hold it in the head unit holes when looped into the slots for both diameter of lines the unit can hold.  Get it up to speed and work steady and you can chew through a lot of edging and driveway encroachment in no time.  I did a rural car park today in under an hour.  That was with passer by foot traffic and car thoroughfare; while strimming down the drive line.

Mainly composed of 5 foot tall grass gone to seed, nettles starting to come through from a paddock and clogging up the chain mesh fence and gate into the paddock.  Then behind that thick bramble patches already 5 foot deep and as tall in places.

I used just over 2 refills of fuel on the Husqvarna LK (About 35 to 40 mins running time at 6-8k revs) and did the full sweep and cull without snapping any of the 8 lines I had running at 7k or more revs as and when needed; in under an hour with around a turnaround time total of an hour and half give or take for refuelling and cooling of time/vibration reduction + refreshment taking.  I had to also allow for traffic/passers by for safety + Social Distancing.)

But cruised through most of the varying thickness of multiple materials; anything above 2 foot being taken in reducing swathes ran with a flower guard on and used at a 45 degree angle to avoid detritus and material spraying from the  left side into the operator or any pedestrians and cars near by.

The only snags or pulls and clogs coming from the tall and thin but rope like grass gone to seed or pulls from fast running bramble.  Both taken easily at a slower pace and with angle placed into it with the lines.

Bouncing the line head vertically up and down to mulch is also a highly effective option if you’d rather not do graded height reductions.

This area was not technically strimmed; so clean edges and up close to hedges and edges not required.

I performed a simple cull and clear to allow vehicles to use this parking area for a public amenity to enable sensor alert free motion of vehicles and socially distance passing for constant dog walker traffic, or walkers on a public path.

I use this area or access the parking often, so it was setting my sensors off constantly when coming and going.

I also did not want the paint work of my vehicle or other users here to get damaged.

I would have broken out a Brush Cutter for this and really gone to town.  Sadly due to the ongoing situation with a failed delivery of a new expensive unit I had to just perform a quick haircut really.  That was why I went for a beefed up line option and an aggressive lower line thickness for faster spin up and holding it at optimum revs for efficient clearing.

Put enough 2.4mm square line on and enough strands will work better than a metal option or thicker line sometimes.  Last longer and works out cheaper if you are an effective operator and avoid line killing impacts with no culling material.  (Those people who think plastic line is going to do well against pavement or concrete for example…)

It made life easier on the drive out today in the van for me; so job done. =]


We no longer bother with standard plastic Trimmer or Line head units.

We use these exclusively.

Why bother with an inferior result or longer cutting times?

SOTG’s final say: Highly recommended!

It is as good as it gets.

Well played Oregon for such a high quality attachment!

Buy one here from Amazon.