Currently trialling this tool out; though have to say early impressions are in the excited regions!

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Digging multi tool

Hori Hori like multi tool; used for many hand gardening tasks requiring lots of other tools.


First few weeks and it’s quickly become a “Go to” tool for many jobs.  Especially CQB on your knees.


CQB being a Military term (Acronym) for Close Quarter Battle.  In this case I mean weeding, yes the dreaded weeding.  Weeding with attitude though; as well as impending doom if you have the strength to lift and wield it like a sewing machine…


It chews through ground of established beds like a mini JCB that was cross bred with a sewing machine if you have a good few Weetabix and a strong cup of coffee that morning and have a mind to get down close to that troublesome patch of weeds encroaching into a bed or border.  More so a patch of growing area that is starting to strangle and grab precious growing space.

It may be hefty and substantial; it needs to be for the tasks it performs oh so very well.

  • Rough turf cutting/Sod taking.
  • Trowel and planting/transplanting tool.
  • Root cutter and weed root chaser.
  • Mini Shovel.
  • Hand held cultivator and general bringer of doom for weeds.

Amazing for chasing out long perennial tap roots or locating thicker roots around tree trunks and Nebari.

How I lived without this tool for collecting or digging out small trees and shrubs, or doing detail work around large trees and their ground exposed roots; is beyond me.  For day to day use in well established borders right through to weed encroached grow beds on long abandoned allotment plots or backyard garden ends; it’s got enough uses to help tame it.


Bad points.

It is not lightweight.  It is not marketed as nor implied it would be though.  For some; the weight and serious looking nature of this tool for Metal detecting/Gardening will be a bridge too far.  It isn’t elegant or polite about what it is and what it does or can do.

For those reasons I feel it lacks a few refinements, more user protection and ergonomics on the grip/handle would be great for when using it as a dagger styled plunging blade and saw motion to carve up ground or weed through once it has been broken up.  The weight helps once you get momentum though as it soon turns into a weighty hacking implement or used to slive the top of topsoil and decapitate annual weeds or other soft unwanted foliage.  The discomfort over time with these method of use causes a small but constant pounding even good anti vibration and heavy padded gloves doesn’t dull.  Not as much as a softer grip covering and more padded coating on the inside of the hand grip and guard.

More I guess a constant use and style of use issue, still one we could all gain some nuance of assurance from a more tactile grip with such a powerful and effective dagger and mini saw in your hand?

For those reasons alone it’s all I have to really say this item “Lacks” for the jobs it does.

The biggest point I have with a negative mind is the case though.  Don’t get me wrong.  At this price point and with how great the tool is; the scabbard/belt case isn’t “all that!”

Relived to report it keeps the blade safe and secure well enough.  Just size and shape let it down and the material and choice for fastening are restrictive.  I get the Hori Hori styled dagger with scoop and hand guard or back bucket allow this to be a genius addition to hand digging.  BE it for buried treasure or to dig out a tree from the side of a picturesque seascape.  Walking there or back with it on thin material and a little slip of Velcro fasting it to your tool belt though sends warning signs up my spine.  I’d be upset I lost this tool now I have one; more worried about if a small child or youngster found it if it did indeed drop off my tool belt.

A fixed loop and additional (As is) Velcro loop for those who need it to be portable and quick on/off system is required.

My main niggle though is how when mounted on a regular tool belt the sheath ergonomics always seem to block the easy in and out of the tool.  Again I leap to defend the why it does this because I think this tool is genuinely brilliant.  Given its odd shape it wouldn’t be cheap or easy to make it slide into a sheath like a regular shaped tool.  It stands out because the shape of the tool stands out.  A quick release system of clips with firmer and more robust leather sheath would be awesome; perhaps as a Deluxe version?

Most of the rest of what follows will be gushing praise for this tool; so some faults or minor negative points have to be offered to give some balance and reason to read on.


Flower bed jobs.

Close to flower stock weeding and clearing of unwanted material or weeds.

This tool can be used with the point of the tip doing the stabbing, slicing or nosing the ground and digging if required.


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