Husqvarna 135 Mk II Chainsaw

Robust, reliable and easy to use saw with ample cutting performance for homeowners. The perfect garden chainsaw for occasional cutting tasks such as cutting firewood and felling smaller trees. Starts quickly and handles easily, and thanks to the side mounted chain tensioner, tensioning the chain is both quick and easy.

Cylinder displacement
38 см³
Weight (excl. cutting equipment)
4.7 kg
Rec. retail price inc. VAT


For dealing with deadfall or storm and windfall; or as a clearing saw to enable access and clear out undergrowth and scrub.  I deploy a 14 inch chainsaw for making light work of tasks requiring hand saws or larger blades on the brushcutter.  This is also used for creating cords of wood from trunk rounds or halves and limbing dead fall etc.

Its got the power to get through heartwood and eats through fresh and seasoned wood well so long as you keep the chain sharp and lubed as well as out of the dirt!

Don’t be fooled by this being only a few up from the basic chainsaw model Husqvarna do.  It holds its own and then some int he under 50cc market and for a chain this size on an engine this size.  It will eat a lot of thick wood and create piles of shredding and dust as it goes.

The side tension access for me was the selling point.  Beyond that I can’t justify a much bigger saw and this fits my needs well and the new chains are very reasonable.


More to come once I’ve carved some stumps that I have lying about and ran it through its paces.  🙂