CA230 Cultivator attachment

Ideal on delicate flowerbeds and around the base of trees.

Shaft diameter 24 mm.

Tube diameter 24 mm

Weight 3 kg

£219.00 Rec. retail price inc. VAT

Hand powered and highly mobile pole operated Mini digger, makes a highly effective Bed or Border refurbishing or refreshing tool.

Nippy little Allotment sized plot machine; with a ferocious appetite!

Run using a 129LK Power Unit.

Full Tank of Fuel lasts about 15-20 mins depending on throttle use.

Easily turns over a 5m x 2m area of land; if it is well tended a lot more.

If it is newly broken ground, then perhaps less if you are not weeding it or scalping off the top inch of crab grass and other weeds etc.

Taking on virgin or long left to nature ground?

You will need something bigger than this or will have to break the ground manually with a fork or spade before attempting to till using such a small tiller!

Shadow of the Gardener Machinery in action

129LK & 135 MKII with CA230 and Trimmer head attachment.