High temperature warning: Rutland.

One of the reasons I adore my Clients; is how much they care for Shadow and I.

I’m booked in to a regular Client later today and just got an email from them with regards how warm it is going to be this week and concerned about me working in the heat.  Very thoughtful to offer to find work in the shade rather than out in the full sun.  (Not an issue for me; I like baking hot days out in the sun; reminds me of living overseas.)

Or allow me to pick a different day to come do my scheduled tasks on their garden.


30 Degrees and upwards – Stay hydrated and put on the suncream!

As can be seen by the local weather forecast, 30 degrees and above for the next few days.


Give your plants a long steady drink when watering in this heat and allow the soil to get thoroughly soaked before moving on to the next plant, this ensures that the water reaches deep enough to allow the roots to take onboard the water.


Try and catch plants BEFORE they start to wilt as by then the plant is suffering and the damage may stunt the plant for months or even years; if it recovers at all.

A good drink in the morning and one later on in the day after the worst of the heat has passed; should keep things growing and healthy.  Too much is better than not enough!  More so if there are a few days back to back; of high temperatures.

Remember; doesn’t matter how much you think you have watered a plant.  The quantity of that water gets deep into dry soil is actually rather shocking.  It’s often only the first few inches of soil or substrate that sucks up most of the water you put on; if not all of it.

Even after a good soak with a hose; you can see that a large portion of the lower rootball is still dry.


Be generous with the water in hot weather and then add some more; your plants will thank you for it.