As can easily be seen and felt, the weather is turning into the warmer side of Spring and the lead into the seasons getting warmed up to allow plants to thrive.

I will now be spending more time on the allotments and sowing seed and building staging areas for the masses of seed packets I’ve got to grow and try this year.


So the good news is, start your sowing engine and prepare your tenders and if you are lucky enough to have timed the weather right and had cover.


Gentle hardening off outside can now be done.  Just match you plants and local temperatures over night if you are leaving them in hot boxes or under cover or glass.


While I have not this year tried to get a jump on the season by starting my seeds off in batches under grow lights and in specialist grow settings.  I did pre sow a few grass seeds and Cacti that have overwintered and are about to get the water that should prompt them to germinate.


What are you planning to grow or sow this year?