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Shadow’s lottie life blog post July 2020

    Canine News and Woofdates: by Shadow the Therapy Dog. Part of the BBC. Broadcasting Border Collies. Uppingham – Leicester Road Allotments. July 2nd/3rd Over 10 Allotment Sheds/Properties broken into and other acts of vandalism. Hiya!  I’m Shadow, the… Continue Reading →

As we approach VE_day_75

As we approach VE day. We are in essence facing World War III – Virus Gate; Covid 19 must Unite the World; now rather than later. Those who doubted how close we are and only now are actually seeing… Continue Reading →

Flowering Cacti

Anyone with the Skill and Equipment able to rescue a Bee’s nest in next 24 hours?   Unfortunately been made too close to a Home and they are invading the home; needs if possible to be rescued before they are… Continue Reading →

I love my job and it shows…

Apparently.   🙂   I get asked a lot “what is it about what I do that I love; or why I adore what I do. I’m going to answer pictorially as apparently that makes for better blog posts and… Continue Reading →

Turning the lights on and the heat up – Part 2

Carrying on from…  Here. & also Here.   This is what I have been up to recently in the Studio…   I have a lot of seed stock to sow this year.  As can be seen in one of the… Continue Reading →

Rainy days in the studio….

What could be going on?

Turning the lights on and the heat up

Spring 2019 seriously begins for SOTG… Now the frost chance overnight has seriously reduced and the workload of post Winter and Pre Spring clearing and tidying for Clients is mostly in hand or close to being so. I turn my… Continue Reading →

Sowing at Easter

As can easily be seen and felt, the weather is turning into the warmer side of Spring and the lead into the seasons getting warmed up to allow plants to thrive. I will now be spending more time on the… Continue Reading →

  With the season fully on the turn and warmer days now starting. The early established weeds and final seasonal fall of leaves and remaining branches that can and should be cleared; this is as good a time as any… Continue Reading →

It is with a slight wry grin and a tongue in cheek sense of humour I must report that today there was a minor industrial accident.  The incident took place at a private location and involved Shadow, my Canine.  … Continue Reading →

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