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This is what I have been up to recently in the Studio…


I have a lot of seed stock to sow this year.  As can be seen in one of the pictures below.

That isn’t the entire seed bank for sowing this year either…  Just about 150 packets or so from the 200+ I have and some of them packs are “Bags” of seed harvested from my Nursery or plots and stock contained within being cultivated for seed or propagation.


You can also see I am having to reorganise and build new staging and storage areas to contend with the flow of seeds starting to be sown and processed.  So the tender items kept in the Studio over Winter are being shipped out for their Summer siting to clear the space on the grow bench and make room for the enhanced grow benches I’m preparing and trialling this year.


Mixed in also I had to make a client a present for their birthday; and also a thanks from Shadow of the Gardener for their loyal custom.  It’s a small Jade or Money Tree grown to be a “Lucky Jade – Micro Bonsai.”

[Jade Micro Bonsai – “Money Tree Forest Starter Kits” available from this Web Site.]


Then further in you can see poor Shadow on the rainy day that sparked this latest shuffle onwards to getting all this years seed stock out.  He decided to sit on his window and look out gloomily at the pouring rain and miserable day while I got busy filling the new increased staging area I built; after clearing up and clearing out a lot of junk intended for the nursery area and new sowing room I also made while stuck in due to such poor weather.

Then finally I added the staging shelves to allow me to work upwards as well as across the rather generous 8 foot or more work space I added!

As you can see; the grow tent is a nice toasty 30 degrees above and below the lights.

This was before the fans to move airflow were turned on, but already the seeds are loving it (Or the first batch that like it hot at least are!)