As we approach VE day.

We are in essence facing World War III – Virus Gate;

Covid 19 must Unite the World; now rather than later.

Those who doubted how close we are and only now are actually seeing how insignificant those lines on maps; or claimed lines are easily penetrated overnight and globally.

Civilized countries Infiltrated and taken siege by a simple virus.

The reality is it travels and cares not where or who it lands on or in.

The world must come together like never before and fight a common enemy.

Or face extinction.

We’ve stupidly faced off against each other for time since it was known or collated. Now we are required to stand shoulder to shoulder; just as bravely as all those who stood before us and allowed us the chance to live since.

So while we remember the fallen heroes and heroines, canine or other War hero animals.

See your world as it is in front of you and think of your fellow humans.

It matters now, if you can’t, don’t or won’t…

This virus will feed and grow from those that act or think that way.

Be a survivor; not a casualty.

Don’t perpetuate or facilitate the virus spreading.

Think safe, stay safe, stay home, take care of those close to you.

Only together can we beat this virus.

Knowledge is power, educate yourself on what is happening and what you must do.

Salute the fallen, stay home and reduce the casualties on the front lines.

Race, colour, creed or politics no longer matter.

Those days are long gone and look at how the world has changed regardless of those relics and outdated ways of thinking.

Humanity becoming unyoked after millennia of oppression and slavery.

Voting no longer matters in a single country when the world is at stake.

Hail the new soldiers of the world.

Fight the virus; not each other.