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Bending Branches

How & why do you need to bend Tree branches? First the Why?   You may just need to?  To train a Tree, or shape a Shrub. Deter a larger tree sending a branch the wrong way, or somewhere not… Continue Reading →

Autumn tasks

As September heads towards the midway point, the upcoming jobs for the season should start being considered. As the weather is showing signs of Autumn…   Lawns should now be prepared for Winter and potential dormancy. Now is a good… Continue Reading →

Breaking in the new Husqvarna 535LK and HA200 Short Hedge cutters

Lush day at work today taming a Holly hedge. Giving it a new lease of life, with a more rounded and manicured shape to facilitate it’s new training regime!  😀   Made more fun as it was first day on… Continue Reading →

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