Taming Monsters…

Overgrown Conifers & Laurels. Before & After.

It’s been a hard week, physically demanding & mentally draining.
(The kind of work I love & require!)
The weather has however been glorious in Rutland this week.
The hard work and amount of concentration required to do my job; keeps me sane and my mind as balanced as it can get. (All things considered given the situation at the moment & for the foreseeable future.)
This job pushed me and my limits, given the reach required, the struggle with access & of course working in such close proximity to other peoples homes; and all while having to play Frogger in some respects allowing access too vehicles on a public road. 😉
However, I think the results speak for themselves.
The Laurel & Conifers pictured have for many years been allowed to run for the Sun & have grown wild, oversized and lost all shape.
This means a huge amount of work & large quantities of Green material needed taking from them to start to retrain them to be visually pleasing, but also maintain their functionality as a privacy screen for the House owner & Client; but also for their neighbours and passing foot and vehicle traffic.
What does it take to get the job done?

Recipe for success:

One very hard working individual.
With Professional level equipment:
Husqvarna 535LK Combi Engine
(& several Hedge Cutting attachments; including Long Reach Cutters & an extension bar.)
[Ultra Long Reach Hedge Cutting & Extended Height charges applies.]
Cobra Wood Chipper. (Optional Extra – Charged at Half day/Full day rates.)
Stihl BR 800 Backpack Leaf Blower.

One very long ladder!

Then add a large dose of…
  1. Nerves of steel & an eye for detail!
  2. 10 years of Gardening & Horticultural Experience.
  3. A passion for the job and the material I work with second to none!

I am Simon, this is my work.   

My Business is based on Client satisfaction.

I walked away from this job after 2 days intense hard work; knowing without a Shadow of a Doubt; my clients were 100% satisfied with the work performed.
The feedback from them & the many people who came to see the work happening & after; also tells me the job was done well.
The comments from total strangers seeing the work done was uplifting for my soul; as it was all hugely positive.
I am the Shadow of the Gardener.
You can get in touch via the Official Shadow of the Gardener website if you wish work on your garden to be carried out.