As September heads towards the midway point, the upcoming jobs for the season should start being considered.

As the weather is showing signs of Autumn…


Lawns should now be prepared for Winter and potential dormancy.

Now is a good time to give the lawn a Scarification and if required Aeration.

This removes the detritus in the lawn by clearing the Moss & Thatch, and allows your Grass the freedom to grow and spread; once all those have been removed.


Top dressing and levelling afterwards is also a way to keep your lawn healthy or improve it to make it flatter and increase the root run for your grass.  This can be done with a mix of Top Soil & Sand, or just one or the other, depending on your lawns needs.  This is then raked in gently and spread where required.  Dressing afterwards with some fresh Grass Seed to fill in the spaces left by removing the Moss & Thatch.


Leaf collection, mulching and storing to create your own Leaf Mulch/Mould is also advised.  This can be used to refill your Beds & Borders or in Spring to mix with Compost to make exquisite growing medium for Seeds!


Wisteria will now be looking a little leggy or straggly.  Or will require pulling out of Gutters and from the roof.

It is also coming to the time it will require pruning, so will want taking back to about 5 or 6 buds on growth that is wanted for flowering next year, or to promote growth and keep your Wisteria inside it’s growing bounds to ensure it’s continued training in place.


Hedges, Shrubs and other ornamentals will probably require a quick run over with the Hedge Trimmers, to keep them in shape and prune back any post dormancy growth.  A gentle trim should be all that is needed to keep them in line and make them easy to get by.  Also worth giving them a root feed to prepare them for the coming cooler weather and so they are healthy when it arrives.


Orchards and Vines might require thinning out of Fruit or Produce, to allow the remaining fruit to mature and ripen for harvesting.

All the above mentioned Garden Services are available from, Shadow of the Gardener.


Please feel free to use the Contact page to get in touch if you require any of them or other Arborist work done.