Lush day at work today taming a Holly hedge.

Giving it a new lease of life, with a more rounded and manicured shape to facilitate it’s new training regime!  😀


Made more fun as it was first day on the job for the new Husqvarna 535LK Combi engine and the short hedge cutters attachment.

The extra power and speed of the 535LK is such a joy as it ensures the hedge blades reciprocate nice and fast so a smooth and steady cut is provided with them.

Client was happy with the work done; so I come home with a grin on my face.


Shadow of the Gardener’s Golden rule!

Client isn’t happy; neither am I.  Client is; I am.

Good day at work, love it!



Hedge cutting and Wisteria pruning season is now upon us!


Still taking bookings for both and a only few slots left. 😉