One of the projects we are currently working on.

A nature pond, for one of our Clients.

We’d like to thank the following for getting us the stock or items we needed to get the project under way, & those who have items inbound; for us to complete it!

Maidenhead Aquatics Rutland for the Pond plants & the Pond liner.
Also the Barley Straw and water treatments to make it safe for wildlife and the little creatures who have already moved in & are making it their home! ❤

The very kind Gentleman who provided us with some Tadpoles; that was very much appreciated.

The Rose Group (Corby) for the brilliant suggestion of the Black & Ice stone, which we adore & looks great. Also for the sand to ensure the Pond liner is protected.

Travis Perkins (Oakham) for the Bulk bag deliveries.
(Huge thanks to Kev the delivery driver for his epic skills, he always drops the bags where we want or need! Even if it’s over a hedge, a wall; and probably even if a T-Rex was in the way! Kev is a Legend!)


We hope to have the edging finished up very soon!
(Just waiting on the ‘soon to be repurposed’ Dead fall from a tree; to complete the edge and hide the liner.)
Then we can finish up the edge planting, to provide some more shade for the pond. & provide a softer, more natural finish, which will provide more places for Insects & Birds etc; to enjoy the pond!
The Pond Filter & Pump also doing a lovely job of providing a soft tinkle of water, to enhance the calming effect of the Pond, as well as provide oxygen for the pond. (Blagdon 5 in 1. Great pond pumps & filters!)
There may well end up being some additional lighting adding, for those late evenings sat around enjoying the ambience, of this lovely little pond.
We shall have to see what the Client says once the pond edging is finished up!

We do not often show the work we do, as we respect our Clients privacy & their Private spaces.

However this one we thought was a bit special & our Client was more than happy for us to show our efforts.

(Thank you kindly for the permission to use the image, H&J. ❤ )