Spring is coming…

Bookings by arrangement Only now

~ Due to a Full Client Roster for the 2020 Season.


SOTG is still operating ~ Tending Private Clients Gardens Only.

For the duration of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation.



Due to the nature of SOTG operations, we work at a distance if operating Solo or as a Team, and mostly lone work or by keeping a safe personal distance from Clients and other Team members due to machine operating and health or safety requirements.

We work hard so do not stand around chatting in close proximity.

We also rarely stop and chat unless a Client wants us to do; and given the situation at the moment that is now discouraged more unless it’s a matter of direction or safety etc.  Please respect a safe distance from us if this is required.

Even though it has always been a company policy long before Covid.

SOTG respects your boundaries and privacies, always has.

You invite SOTG into your private living spaces to care for them.  We respect them and tend them, always will.

So again, long before Covid.


If you are home when we call; unlike many other people.  I invite you to watch from a safe distance while I and my team members work.

I feel confident you will soon appreciate you are getting your money’s worth and our efforts will reward your viewing.

I am proud of the work I do and feel honoured to see it develop and flourish; more so if the person I tend it for can see the hard work I put in to get the results I have since becoming my own boss; and taking my own style of gardening to the local areas of Rutland I have Worked or lived in or had a garden in previously I have tended or cared for.

Gardening has traditionally been a fairly lone wolf affair, and most clients appreciate popping out a coffee for us on a cold day or a cheeky ice cream on a hot day.  We appreciate it and for the love of the job drink it on the fly more often than not.  We try and intrude by only the bare minimum in normal times; nothing will change here with my Company Policy about this.  We are paid to do a job, we do the job of work required.

You get what you pay for regardless if you watch the work being done or it is done unsupervised.

This is why I and anyone I employ will always be Checkable through CRB.

I value my Clients property and their trust requires I am and my staff are trustworthy.


One of the reasons my Business has grown over the last 2 years is because I have been proven to be trustworthy and as the job requires access to private areas and holiday cover as well as Key holding responsibilities; is something I do not take lightly.  This is a major reason word of mouth about my services has spread.  Alongside the work and results I put in and get from them.

Most of my work is through recommendation and I always try and take on Clients recommendations as it is usually a neighbouring property to one I already tend.  So allows me to work property lines more effectively.  Most importantly though it can help keep the fence clean and clear and extend its life span or allow upkeep and tending.

Stuck at home self isolating or concerned about getting essentials?

Myself and my team will if needed help to keep our clients urgent supplies coming; and deliver them safely without personal contact during the Corona situation.

Contact Simon directly by phone or email about this please.

Some minor disruptions to arrival times may happen during this time in regards supporting the community.  I am sure I can rely on understanding a little unusual late arrival if I have been delayed providing a neighbour with supplies.  The time will be made up at my expense.


So a huge thanks to the Clients at this time for feeling safe and secure in our efforts and the work we do daily.

I appreciate your support as a business owner in times like this.


Owner Operator of Shadow of the Gardener (SOTG)