Shadow of the Gardener Spring Newsletter.

Dear Customers, Social Media Followers and Friends!

Dig for Victory, grow to stop boredom!

Please consider starting to grow some extra veg or perhaps start growing some if you did not already.

It will help pass the time, occupy your mind and offer mental and physical well being through Horticultural Therapy.

~ Also a great way to keep kids busy and active, as well as interested and motivated to a task that requires daily monitoring and inclusion.

I recommend Cactus, Sunflowers, Lithops (Living Stones – very unusual and exotic but easy to care for!) or Sweetcorn as seeds for Quick germination and growth, while offering a healthy fascination level of interest; even for those who are either not Green fingered or are new to growing things themselves.

Using the seeds from a Pepper or Tomato you already have at home is a fun and entertaining option and will also yield an easy to grow and fun crop of healthy food indoors on a sunny and warm Window.

Ideal just now as the temperatures and light amounts start to rise daily as Spring has Sprung!

Public Social Media Press Release.

I am writing to inform you that due to the ever increasing cost of living, as of the 1st of April new hourly rate charges are to be applied. You will be informed of your new rates on your next personal invoice for the Package of Care you have Chosen. It is noted in the Newsletter simply for clarification across Social Media and to allow it to be indexed on the Website.

Those properties requiring Property Maintenance or Soft Landscaping projects:

Charges for specific requirements will be discussed and the projects scheduled. This ensures regular customer work is completed in a timely manner and at an optimum time, seasonally.

Please ensure two weeks notice is given for requests for additional work or project work.

Technical work or jobs requiring Heavy Duty Horticultural Powered Machinery use incurs a surcharge to be discussed based on work required.

This is not in reaction to the current situation with regards Coronavirus.

While touching on that subject.

I Lone Work almost exclusively or in isolation for the most part; so this is not a situation that should cause concern if you are self isolating or wishing to perform social barrier protection. Services can be performed away from your House and yourself and still allow your now more important than ever living spaces to be tended and cared for in the manner you expect from Shadow of the Gardener. I will do my best for my Clients, as I have always done. If I can help; I will. Please feel free to email me or call if you wish to just have a chat or want some human contact either by text or email or a call online or by phone.

During this situation; those who perhaps are self isolated or require some social support to get grocery or urgent supplies. If you are unwell or unsure about going out for them. Message me the day before your booked/scheduled visit and I will see if I can pick your items up for you and drop them off when I visit. I can leave the items for you outside and then you can collect them at your leisure. No charge for this service other than for the items you wish purchased.

I would also ask all Cash paying Clients please now reconsider this and change to the Secure Online Business Banking Payment System to reduce Cash Handling and potential transfer of contaminants or additional unnecessary contact.