Bonsai is safe for me, or a safe place due to its size and predictable elements and outcomes.

For the longest time I’ve not had the time or workspace to work on the smaller details while building up a working and viable Gardening Company, as well as a back burner Project for a Social Enterprise and Horticultural Therapy Outpost in a stunning Small Rural Town.

The 2×4 Timber, Bricks and Mortar or moving of Lumber and building outdoor Structures ready for Winter Installation has called my attention to those tasks and endeavours.

All the time working on the Website Structure for the most and dribbles of Content being Written to be prepared for Presentation on the Site as the Seasons Change.  Working on the Precise elements I can enjoy and feel free within myself, those moments or periods of time have been not present for so long; getting some space and time to do it has been a relief.  Though one born out of troubles on the Technical Side, as downscaling from hammer and drills and Recip saws and Angle grinders is all well and good, but when it’s closing in on 30 Degrees inside and doing Office work when demanded during working daylight hours and Admin while waiting for other people to respond.

The PC I use decides it is time for it’s Water Cooling Pump to fail on me….

So working only on small projects as the PC is under serious strain and technical faults when used.

I’ve taken this time and under duress to go revisit doing something I have wanted to get back into doing a long time ago.  Not just growing the trees and stock, but also using them, or applying them to something more detailed, specific, bespoke.

Carnivorous plants in a Very Large glass Tulip shaped Vase - Not a Wine Glass.

Fly and Bug eating Plants. On a Kitchen Windowsill (East Facing Aspect).

Form and function.

Aesthetically Pleasing but remaining a miniature Horticultural setting.

Plants are lavished so are safe and happy in the microclimate they now live in.

Easier to care for; but still requires minimal attention and made easy to see when.

Clever Design and Preparation give you a talking piece or focal point for distraction.

As well as a Visible Water Table to show when more Rainwater is required to top up the Ecosystem.

Large Tulip Shaped Glass Terarrium with Fly eating plants inside.

Foundations are layered
Multiple Substrates.
Generous Water Reservoir.


June/July Blog Post:


It has been born of a necessity to spend more time deskbound and dealing with Accounts, billing and bookkeeping chores and mundane Owner/Operator Duties.  As well as a heavy month collecting Materials for Projects in Hand or already started for Rutland Bonsai Therapy.

Some time downscaling was required due to out of my hands Financial issues to sort through, so less time out on Site and working on the Ground.  That coinciding with my Main PC now only Operating at 25% if that.  I’ve had to shuffle a few things about and still go collect pre Booked Items or already scheduled Deliveries to be collected.

However this has also meant some time getting the Home Bonsai Studio and Photo Space started in earnest.  The Arrival of the Multiple Temperature Control Devices have arrived and are being Installed.  (Fridge and Freezer to most other people…)  These will be used as Seed Banks and for Temperature Control to ensure Freshness or Meet Dormancy Requirements of Seed, Stock and Composts if required.

It’s meant a whole other set of problems and challenges as once people find out I was in the Bonsai Studio, people want to know what stock is about to come up for Sale or Hire.


The Website will develop organically, but for the moment slower due to the PC Tech issues mentioned.  Normal Services will resume once the new Office PC is bought and assembled.  It’s a serious impact on production and productivity however technical things happen and PC’s all eventually need replacing.


Just so it is said, I am still on the lookout for an Apprentice for Apprentice in Gardening Assistant position, 16-18 Years and prepared to go to learn one day per week to match work hours on sites.

Currently having daily van issues and a new larger one is being sought and one or two have been sourced for good & reasonable prices.  Emergency Call outs incur Emergency Prices.


So, hashtag need £18k for a Van and #crowdfunding for a Company PC for the Business?  Or is it worth seeking Funding or an Award to get the funds for these essential items for the business growth and survival?

Anyway, enjoy the teaser Content and Media to follow.


If you like anything from this Site, Please Press the Relevant Social Media Button and Share my stuff for others to see please.

On the shopping list is a Fix for the poor image quality and Lighting, for that lower quality, I can but apologise; the home photo studio side was always on the backburner project list as more outdoors and not feasible till now.


Shadow of the Gardener.