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Webmaster Worries:


Man seriously, the worst thing other than the Van dying on me is my PC dying on me and even then it would be a judgement call on what season it was and if I could live through another Winter without a vehicle…


My PC is everything to me on a Personal Level as well as professional one.

I built it from parts, chose them all, worked out their base minimum performance and the system when it was encased and given liquid cooling charged it up for the first time.

I’ve had the Doctor Frankenstein feeling “mechanically and virtually” from when I breathe life into Websites and Content Writing or Reviews online in the same manner as when I built a mechanical and digital machine to life by hand building it and setting up it’s operating systems and managing it’s further growth and expansion for close to Half a Decade.

I’ve said hello and good morning to it’s presence and response for close to 5 years if not more now.


It stopped being just a tool when I built my first PC many years before I built this one.

Almost everyday I touched my keyboard, interfaced with my machine, worked through my files.  Dated back from over a Decade or more ago, yet still as the day when they were created.  My very Own personal Google or Alexa, long before either of those came about this machine and the ones prior to its existence all did what the new apps or add on to your lifestyle bolt on pack these Providers invent and supply to keep you paying the Monthlies they offer for their services.

As may be obvious, I am highly passionate about my Personal Computer, not just anyone’s PC.  I’m aware not everyone uses one with as much versatility and utility as I do, nor spend the hours per month at one in the way I do and for the range of tasks that I perform in that time.


So when my current PC starts suddenly struggling with regular tasks, let alone high end ones from Video Creation Software or extreme multitasking with a range of Programs and applications running plus a monster browsing session of over 20 tabs of Websites up and running.


Getting it to play a video of footage of a lock opening via whatsapp was suddenly enough to have it lagging and making windows explorer crash over trivial matters.


This from a Machine that day in and day out has at the click of a button been up and running from a cold start to firing open the first button you clicked on and at full working speed in a boot up time that left most people staggered having never seen a machine that did so as fast or as responsively.  My machine isn’t just physically imposing and aggressive looking.  Beneath lay a beast of parts and synching that belied it’s real strength and powers.  It’s speed, memory and raw ability to take huge tasks on and hold them delicately and stable for as long as required.  My machine did, the PC I built with care and attention paid me back with near flawless service for all this time.


Losing it or saying goodbye to it will be felt and it will be a large sense of loss.  It was the “Last generation” of a line of Machines to me, but it had become a close friend, ally, wingman and mate, as well as allowing me the chance to build so much and learn much more in all the time we spent together.  Introduced me to so many people, new friends and more.

Only those of you that know me really well understand or grasp my relationship with my PC, it doesn’t keep me away from human touch, it brings me closer.  The rest might have an idea of its importance for the reasons you know me, such as in Webmastering or Hosting Web Related Media, of Gardening Services or Advice through to Social Media or Actual MEdia be it Video, Audio or Graphic Art.

My PC has daily enabled me to talk with you, communicate, share or allow further of our business, friendship or partnership.  Let alone build the businesses I have, for myself and others.  Or planned elements of the reason you have engaged my services or employed me.


That’s all before I use my PC for personal pleasure after personal gain.

My PC carries my essential Music, video and picture collection, as well as my personal notes, thoughts and memories and writings etc.  It’s my go to drive for files of anything and everything.  As well as my toy for playing the video game of choice at the time depending on my need to work through a problem or spend some free time doing something to relax and forget about everything.