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On the scrounge.

Always nice when something you’ve wanted for ages drops in your lap, or nearly on your head…

Managed to come into some seasoned old Railway Sleepers recently.  Took some serious graft and a bit of mileage in the van, but well worth the end result, even if an 8 foot length being lifted nearly took me out.

Thanks to Mal for the ice cold Strawberry drink after the lifting, cutting and loading had been done.

As long as I can remember these kind of Sleepers were part of my childhood; running across them in and around railways as a kid or walking down them, on old reclaimed railway network.  Or in a Gardening sense, all the really posh houses and keen gardeners had them in their gardens used in a multitude of means and manners.

So finally laying my hands on some to call my own is something special.

Really looking forward to working with Material this old, seasoned and aged distinctly.

Yet hardened and tough as can be, even dropping from their end results in a solid thunk on dry soil.


Feeling rather pleased with myself.  =]