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Webmaster thoughts.

OK, so the recent situation with my PC’s Water Cooling Pump failing and my PC overheating was a major set back.

The Site gets written on that PC, the Server side management and Domain stuff gets dealt with on it.

I order, read reviews, read updates on sectors I am interested in professionally.  Let alone surf the web, check sites, prices, tech specs, details for jobs through to latest weather updates.

It’s an essential tool even before it turns the trickery on and does it’s high end cool and fun Audio and Visual Creating stuff.

So, having been forced to take more time off from being out on the ground, I’ve used the time stuck in for delivery arrivals and important correspondence looking for the fix for my serious technical PC issues.

Also feeling rather proud having just got back from the shop having bought the first round of “Company Coffee run” for Coffee, Milk and Sugar for Office use and the Company finally picked up the bill.


Once enough Coffee had been consumed, the First Piece of a large and expensive puzzle was ordered.  After research, further reading and some tape measure time with a motherboard in situ in a case and running, surrounded by Graphics card, sound card and of course Ram and the existing but failed Liquid Cooling pump.

That is where the Technical and almost Surgical System Replacement is about to take place.

The CPU is the PRocessor for the Computer, it’s brain and Heart if you will.


Biggest killer of PC’s and their parts is usually Heat, constant heat and heat spikes.  All things intrinsic in PC’s and Information Storage.  They generate Heat.


This is why I opted for Liquid Cooling initially when I built this PC.

(Yes, the PC you are seeing pictures of here is my old Personal Computer.  Used to teach myself most of what I now employ into my Businesses and Ventures as well as build them and shape their presence and scope.)

This System when built was close to cutting edge by most household and even Gaming PC’s standards and specs, custom built to perform and Perform it did.  For many years in fact, far outliving many of the former mentioned PC’s, even the high end gaming ones that would have burned out long before the one I made has.

It’s no big deal to swap out a CPU Cooling System though, is it?

Yes and no.

Older tech and a well seated cooling system in place make it more difficult.  Hardly ideal, neither is the fact the PC is so essential and the worry of that and the loss of it is a dire concern.  That aside, the amount of work unable to be done while this system is down is critical.

So marrying a newer system onto old and well used components that have been under System Strain for a week or more is now pressing for less than ideal situations to occur.  The dimensions of the chosen replacement fits on paper, placement and overhangs or recessions in the unit make it impossible to verify it will sit and seat correctly once the old Pump unit and cooling interface on the CPU surface has been cleaned and re-prepared to have a new batch of Thermal Paste applied and smoothed ready for it’s new merging.  Or the existing Thermal Paste on the new Cooler is allowed to seat right and join the CPU and cooler heat plate for optimal performance.



CPU Cooler

Ordered that and some additional Thermal Paste in case required.

Along with a “Billy Basics” Plan B CPU Cooler in case of tech issues with the transplant and swap over.