Dear Client,

“If you are not happy, then I am not happy”

Those of you getting this Email have all told me you are, thus the following request.

If you have a moment spare?

In order to expand the Range of Services, or allow me to do them better or more efficiently;


I am in a situation where I need to expand and keep up with the pace and Growth of Requirements of the Current Regular Summer work I currently have scheduled. More importantly expand to cover my work needs during the Off Season as well as carry the equipment now needed on a regular basis to provide the level of Service currently; as well as soon more Services and potentially new staff to train.

For Marketing and Research Purposes I am required to also invest some time, money and effort into the Online presence of my Company and Brand. This means if you feel able and willing; could any of you that use the Following Online Sites, Tools or Applications.

Please leave a review for use on the Official Website: Here.

If you use Facebook and wish to do so; Like the Official Facebook Page: Here.

If you visit YouTube perhaps view and like the Official YouTube Channel: Here


To ensure things look good for the Bank Manager etc. I have to at least show I have a basic level of Service current Customers are Happy with and I can be verified and judged on my efforts.

Online and through Social Media as well as “On the Ground”.

I’d very much appreciate your honest thoughts on my services with a Thumbs Up or a Like on any Social Media Platform.

If you could stretch to a Review or if you are happy to write a Proper Testimonial to allow others a fair impartial view of what I do.  I believe I do an honest days work if you feel the same; I’d appreciate you saying so to others.

I’m having to expand to manage the Standards I set myself and for my Service Levels.

The Current SOTG Van was just to ensure I could keep the Foothold I had found myself with when I launched the Business.  Then to start bringing more Services, Jobs completed more efficiently and bringing better results while I spent time working on your Garden.

Many of you have seen and commented I have increased the Range of Equipment and Tools to Perform the Tasks required on your Garden Space and enjoy the benefits of me buying a Task Specific Item and employed it to reduce the time spent doing the task on your Garden.  Allowing more time to be spent on other Areas or Jobs needing attention.

The Business Needs to Expand to ensure the Customer Satisfaction Level I strive to bring each and every one of you.

It requires or needs to be bigger and more prepared for performing those tasks and the new ones in the pipeline for the Companies future and range of Service that Are and Will be available throughout the Year.  Taking care of your essential Gardening Service needs I already provide.  As well as being ready for ones required in an emergency or performing a task more efficiently or safely on Site.

Many of you have all Mentioned at one time or another that you struggled to find a gardener that sticks around. I hope I have proved to you that I am planning on carrying on taking Care of your Garden Spaces long term and not someone who turns up for only a few visits and then vanishes off the face of the planet.

I can only extrapolate given the Regular time you each book; asking me to care for your gardens.

As well as the length of time that you have requested me to cover your Garden Services needs Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually.

That many of you are also happy with the Care and Attention I give your Garden Spaces; and can only imagine you are happy to see me gain better tools and means to deploy them to keep your Garden Spaces as they are or how you envision them in the Future.

Clean, Clear, Looked after and Cared For.


To do so I need a Larger and more Reliable Van.

While it was initially prudent to get a Van quickly to keep or start delivering the Service you expect, the time to seek its larger and newer replacement to relieve me of the time/stress of multiple loads/unloads per day has come.

More pressing still; the continued serviceability of the SOTG Van to ensure it is Roadworthy and ready to go as and when needed to answer Emergency Calls has come already.

Luckily the Van market is surprisingly good for the van that fits my next stage needs.  So it’s a huge Investment again; but one that assures me to get from where ever I am to you if needed is worth it.

Increasing the Load size I can Bring or Take to complete your Tasks and Green Composting Requirements throughout the Season and Off Season or an Emergency.

I was planning to put aside all the cash I could this year to Qualify with a Chainsaw and other Arboreal/horticultural knowledge and experience during the Off Season through Winter.  That has to be put on hold as does a few other Service dependent Course or Further Training which would have extended my Services and Skill Set for Next Years To Do List.

Keeping your Appointments and Schedules is required before expanding my Skill Set if needs be.

(Shadow wants a bigger van if he is to spend time in Winter sleeping in it while I am in College or Classrooms anyway.)

I hope this shows further if needed; how committed I am to giving you the Service I currently provide and ensuring the ones discussed with regards your Personal Garden Spaces Future can come to bloom as I hope you are currently finding your Garden.

The current Van has a few issues aside from being too small, thus there is a concern over it’s lifespan or worthiness.


The much unexpected increase in Miles driven per Month and so over the year has also Increased dramatically.  So wear and tear on the van and of course the reflected increase in Insurance Premium would make keeping the Current Van untenable.  More so as the Season changes into Autumn and the Colder and wetter weather plays more of a part or factor in Older Vehicle Performance and REliability.


So I have to ensure my Business Presence is Up to Date or at least showing a presence in the bare minimum of Social Media outlets or means.

I will always do Updates or anything Internet related through the Official Website I own and Run.  Social Media is only an as and when required for Social Media PR.  I will not send Spam or flood you with Emails.  I’d rather be walking Shadow or Gardening.



On a personal note, I am trying to establish better communication for Emergencies. As recently a Client had a situation where I was asked to attend due to an emergency but sadly I had no Mobile Signal.

So I am asking Regular Clients to perhaps Consider adding me on Whatsapp (Ask me about this next time I see you if you don’t know about this App.)

In case you have a Garden Emergency and you can’t get anything other than my answer phone. I may not have phone Signal, I might have Wi-Fi access so can get a message when perhaps I’m in a no Mobile Phone Signal/Black spot Area or Building Enclosure.

Thanks to those who allow me Wi-Fi access while working in your Garden Spaces or Offer a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot to the Public.

Many thanks,