You look up at the trees now as the sun shines.  All lush leafed in glorious shades of Green through to Red depending on the Species.

Yet you know all too soon they will be going crisp and falling.

Why not Book your Leaf Clearance in Advance and avoid the rush come Autumn.


Not only will You get someone to come tidy up the Leaves, they will if required; be taken away and disposed of.

Using a Leaf Blower they will be Blown, Hoovered up, Mulched and taken away by a Registered Green Waste Carrier.

Mulching maximises the amount of leaves that can be removed.

Leaves in quantity are bulky, so a Mulching tool is used to reduce the material to at least a 4:1 ratio.

Bulk bags will be filled to Manual Lifting and Loading Safety Limits + Van Capacity Required.


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