Make your own Chainsaw Chains.


We get asked a lot about the Chains & how they are made or altered etc.


So here is a video to help show you what goes into Chainsaw Chains.

– What bits are what, what they do or are for & in depth guide on how they are made, set up and built 👏😎

“Guilty of Treeson” & his friend Jed show you what a Chain is all about.

(His YouTube Channel – Arborist from the States. )



Shadow of the Gardener doesn’t run big chains like these guys do.

We have no reason to run a 7 foot long chainsaw bar, no, really; we don’t!


We deploy smaller bars and chains, as we use Chainsaws only; for Ground to Head/Machine Operator Height work.

So no Rope Working, felling or Tree Surgery.

Generally a 14 or 16 Inch Bar on the rear Handled Saws, and a 10 Inch Bar on the Pole Saw bars.

  • Max working height from the ground of 3-4 Meters.
  • Max Horizontal Reach 3 Meters.

“Brush, Branch, Suckers and detritus clear out, perimeter of properties or their internal trail clearing, or working line clearance.

To allow work to go on between Trees or Shrubs, that have gone a little wild or been left to grow naturally for a few Decades.

Operating from their base, to the working height required for machinery or Arborist/Surgery & Ropework to follow at a later date.”

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SOTG Tools of the Trade.


We do get asked a lot about the Saws we use, especially the powered Saws.

Yes, the Chainsaws & the Pole Saw.


We deploy machinery from Husqvarna for most of our Chainsaws and Pole Saws.


We use Chains from Husqvarna & Oregon for our Chains.