Yamadori Redwood for Bonsai material.

By Shadow of the Gardener.

January 2022.

Lead Gardener and the Lead Gardener’s Assistant.

A day in the life of a Gardener series.
Bonsai Collection Part .


Given the colder weather & frosts Rutland has been experiencing the last weeks, when we finished early today; as we’d completed our tasks.

The Boss asks if his assistant is in the mood to “learn some fun stuff.”
The assistant says “Oh yes!”
So off they set to a secret’ish location.
To go locate, & harvest a Yamadori grown; Redwood tree.
(Bonsai in the making!)

While Shadow of the Gardener is known as a Company that deals with larger properties gardens, estate or large holdings, used for domestic homes and private personal gardens; or living spaces.

We believe in dealing with things big & small, it’s our Bread & Butter, day in & day out.

So today, we spent an hour or so digging out this lovely, grown from seed Redwood tree, from it’s small Copse of other Redwoods. Which for 5 or 6 years have been grown for this exact reason.

To be made into Bonsai trees.

It’s only young, but it is starting a journey of love & attention, to become living art.

It already is! <3

Lush material! 🙂

Sadly, no video was taken during the harvesting/collection; of the tree.

The Lead Gardener forgot to grab the Camera bag & Tripod, in his haste due to being excited over collecting this tree; that he had grown from seed & planted over 5 years ago.

He regrets his stupidity, and promises to record the collection of the remaining trees, in the small copse of Redwoods; which were grown from seed & left to grow naturally till ready for digging up.

Given part of the reason to grow them, was to film them being dug up!