• Helly Hansen
  • Alna 2.0
  • Parka and Work Trousers – Insulated Winter Wear

We tend to go with High Quality Pro versions of Clothing, Kit, Tools & Accessories, when we NEED something to do “The Job @ www.shadowofthegardener.uk

Or when we need something to keep us safe or protected.

Or you; our Clients and passers by.


Winter is Coming…

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Taking the Alna 2.0 Insulated Work Trousers out for a stroll.


  1. Shadow of the Gardener style.
  2. Working feeding a Petrol Powered Wood Chipper all day.
  3. Can they hack it?


Survived Day 1: Good Start.

  1. What we did.
  2. What happened.
  3. Snag, rip or tear?
  4. Get Wet
  5. Get muddy
  6. Cold, Warm or hot