The main work horse for Lawn Grass Cutting, clipping & tending Greens.

SOTG Lawn Mowing Fleet.


From The rough, to the Fairway, the wild grass bordered against a Perfectly Classic Striped Lawn.

To the Ultimate Finish of Bowling Green Quality Ornate Lawns.

Or the Family lawn which needs to be Tough and Durable, yet look good all year around.

These are the machines SOTG Deploys to get the job done.


Pedestrian Lawn Mowers.


  • J.C.B – 5HP – Large Format Cutting Deck – Rotary.
  • Racing – Triple Wheeled Zero Turn –  51cm Rotary.
  • Titan Pro – Zero Turn Lawn Mower Dual Castor Zero Turn  – 22″/55cm Rotary.
  • Cobra AirMow 51B – Rotary.
  • Cobra Rear Roller RM40SPB – 16in/40cm Striping Rotary.
  • ATCO 16 Inch – Rotary.
  • Allet Bladed Cartridge & Scarification – 16 Inch Cylinder.


Why would you need more than a few Lawn Mowers?

They have different sizes, weights, or functions.

Not all Lawn Mowers are created equally.


Some are for tall, wild grass, or for bringing down the remaining stubble, where the Strimmer has left off for the highest, thickest, densest of wild grasses, brush, scrub, paddocks or embankments.

Or the dreaded lawn gone wild!


Then after the medium sized or bladed machines can follow, to reduce the matted remains and start to take the grass back to a more manageable state & height.


Then the plush, lush, pampered and preened lawns, require something more; refined.

So there is a need for Rear Rollers and even Cylinder Blades for maximum cuts per Meter; so the clippings are tiny and the cut is so fine; it’s almost delicate.


Tall Grass - Stubble:
  • JCB.
  • Titan.
  • AirMow.


Mulching - - Without Collection.
  • Titan Pro. - Tall Grass - Rough Finish.
  • Atco. -  Medium Height Grass - Medium Finish.
  • Allet. - Premium Quality Grass - Fine quality finish.


Allet Ultimate 10 Blade Luxury cut available.

Requires 3-6 Month pre-booking.

Premium Cylinder Bladed cut of over 100 Strokes per Minute.

Requires delicate kit, razor shape blades & a machine capable of running them perfectly straight.

To get the best results, requires the best machines; and craftsmen to enable their creation.

That takes time.

  • 2 Weekly Bookings for Cutting.
  • 1 Weekly Feed or Foliar Spray (Alternated weekly).
  • Weed and Pest Treatments.
  • Seasonal Top Dressings & Levelling.
  • Seasonal Aeration & Scarification.
  • Leaf Cleaning Service – Daily if required.
  • Annual Edge Refinements or Border Restructure.

16 through to 22 Inch Striping Service.

Cross Striping & Patterns or Designs are Optional Extras.


For that perfect lawn, SOTG will provide a 12 Month Care Package Contract.

6 Month Deposit in Advance to Book/prepare Machines and Blade cartridges is required.

VIP Lawn Care for 12 Months

Preparing the lawns for Precision cut machine use may be required.

These machines require a smooth flat surface to give the results demanded from them.

So levelling or top dressing the lawn or lawns, may be required’ prior to deploying the machines.