Random thought during Spring starting – especially this year with Covid19.


Personal thoughts update & a few bits of info for those following the Social Media Stream, Casts or YouTube Video's. =]

I personally have never known a more anticipated spring.

Awaiting the Bulbs to pop & taking joy in those that have.

Knowing the warmer weather was coming.

After such a hard, long, tough Winter.


The few days of nice weather has prompted another Cold snap ahead, so a True Spring Frost is Forecast for the next few days at least ahead; as of posting. 😉

So those who took the risk or could not resist the urge; to get stock out and acclimatised.

Or get some more tender stock in the ground or pots outside.

They may require storing again, bringing in, or at least affording a little extra protection.


Official Shadow of the Gardener updates.

New for 2021:


  • Ultra High Pressure Washing Services.
  • With Whirlaway or Power Lancing – Cold Water Service Only.
  • Block Paving, Drives, Courtyards, Patio, Tennis Courts and hard surface Courts.
  • *Chemical Treatments or Application available for an additional cost.
  • *Power Edging available for an additional cost.
Wood Chipping Services info here @ #Cobra

Grass Seed now in Stock.

Sold by the KG.
Dual Type Rye Grass Seed - Hard Wearing Grass Seed - £6 per KG
  • 75% NUI certified Early Per. Ryegrass
  • 25% MAXIMA 1 certified Strong Fescue

For Seasonal Over Seeding, repair/replacement of heavy trafficked Grass Ways etc.

Fast Growing Grass Seed for the Rapid Establishment of a Basic Turf Over Large Areas.

Also Suitable For Early Spring, Late Autumn and Winter Seeding on Free Draining Ground.

Dual Type Rye Grass Seed - Amenity Grade - £12 per KG
  • 60% FANCY certified Amenity Ryegrass
  • 40% NUSPRINT certified Annual Ryegrass

For Family lawns that don’t require Kew Garden levels of Stripes and Twice per week clipping & constant preening.
Large Projects and Non Prestigious Areas.
This Ryegrass Based, Easy to Establish, Hard Wearing and with Good Self Repair Properties; will quickly fill out your existing lawn.
Especially after an annual Lawn Treatment such as Aeration or Scarification.

SOTG in house Seed Mix of a 50/50 Mix of the Amenity Grade & Hard Wearing Grass Seed - £9.50

These Prices are offered at this rate for current Shadow of the Gardener Clients Only.

Contact us for Bulk price requests of 100KG or more Only please.

We cannot support smaller quantity sales Online; because of Covid & Brexit.