After the recent attempted break in of the SOTG Van.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Matt @ Morris Motors LTD

For his efforts getting the Van back into a state where it can be driven, & for getting the repairs done as quickly as he has.


The damage to the Cab and window was pretty severe & some of the electrical wiring also needed attention.


However, a week in his capable hands & all the parts have been sourced, delivered & are now fitted!

So we shall be back out on the road later this week, to catch up on the down time due to the van; not being secure or roadworthy!


It has been a VERY odd week, not having a van for one, but also not being in our usual routine.

Sorry for the delay, & thanks for the understanding of our Clients & those who supported us during this upsetting situation.


It’s been very much appreciated & the offers of support; were very touching.  <3