As many of our Clients know…

Shadow likes to run around large spaces and adores chasing a ball.

What Border Collie doesn’t?

Shadow is lucky in the fact lot’s of our Clients allow him to run around their gardens, which he of course adores.

Not all dogs are as lucky as Shadow is though.

So what do you do if you want to give your dog some free space and a safe space to play?

You take them to #Unleashed in Uppingham!

We have personally been to this lovely venue & highly recommend it, if you want a safe, clean and enclosed space to let your dog or dogs, roam free for a while.

They offer 30 Minute & Hour long booking slots. 

So you can let your dogs run wild for a good length of time, till they run out of steam!

Prices are very reasonable, the space is well kept, clean and fully enclosed.

With parking on site.

Water provided.

Seating for the “hoomans” is also provided.


We were highly impressed with the facility & the friendly way it is run.

Easy to book online and easy enough to find.

Well worth a visit with your dog or dogs, or your dog & some of their friends!