Henchman 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder - 16 ft / 4.8 m

Professional 5m Model with Fully Adjustable Tripod Legs.

Each leg adjusting and having either a claw foot, or a rubber grip shoe.

To enable undulation of terrain & cutting height stability.


It’s the biggest they do, it’s why Shadow of the Gardener has a set.


These just fit nicely on the Ford Transit we currently deploy them with.

Using a Double bar Roof Rack system.

Light enough to deploy with 2 people, as they are light weight and made of Aluminium.

However, requiring a Team to deploy & Operate.


As kit go, these are very steady and great to work from.

Either with hand held Pro 75cm blades by Husqvarna, or longer reach kit out up to 3m away.

The stability of these Pro tripod ladders, blows standard combination box ladders away.


Their comfort on your feet is a big plus.

The Rungs and wider platform offer a more planted stance.

& a much larger surface area for standing on & to work from.


The multiple bars of the frame, through to the larger than average footplates.  Make for easier climbing or descending.


So far we’re really enjoying getting the use out of these, initially for the work ceiling that they allow safely!

Shadow of the Gardener is considering buying a mid ranged height set, for intermediate and Long Reach work; where the Ultra Long Reach cut bars are not required.