Installing a 6x3x3m Polytunnel (PT).

Plot 3 – Polytunnel 1 – RBT – The rare weekend off…

I decided after several weeks non stop Web work and other Social Media and such work as well as got stuck into a garden or Two.  I was getting a little fizzled out with technical deskbound stuff and Shadow was getting restless for some serious “Meerkat time outside” and some fun with a Client’s dog.

Downtime was needed, but some work needs to be done.

I decided to do a bit of “Best of both Worlds” and have some work and personal time in the Sun.

Rutland Bonsai Therapy Polytunnel 1 Arrives and the Frame is then Checked, some basic refresher Training and Inside/Outside the PT’s basic assembly and marking out internals begins.


Time Lapse Video Link will be Placed here when it is Uploaded – Click Here.

Directors Cut – Click Here. ;]


Single Man Installation – Day 1 Kit already arrived on scene.

Weather good, shaded and warm, but cool enough for single task being lone worked.

Installation boxes checked and pieces separated to use Checklist/Instructions with.

Basic Space or Area for the PT already drafted in and sectioned off or also prepared.

Enough Local Materials on Site or at hand as and when needed.

(Putting the Cover on and Securing it down from the Elements.)

Time Lapse Details can be provided to show roughly how long each stage takes as these are used for In House Training Purposes.

  • 12.34 First Image taken Time.
  • 15.35 Last Image taken Time.
  • 3 Hours @ 1 Man pace.
  • 20 Degrees.
  • Shaded/Full Sun day.

Raw Day 1 Images – Full Size Files.