Frequently Asked Questions.


What do I charge?

My basic hourly rate is from the National Living Wage in the UK.

Depending what you want, when, how often.


How many hours a day can I work?

I tend to limit a session to 4 hours.

1, 2 and 3 Hour visits are possible.

Half hourly visits only in rare cases or if it can be fitted in with something else local.

Or a full hour rate will be charged.

Much as I’d like to, I cannot bill for less than an Hour at a time realistically as I lose half an hour which upsets my schedule keeping of given hours a day I can work or my dog needs his routine/toileting/walking requirements.


What days do you work?

Monday to Friday as a general rule.

Saturday and Sunday appointments are possible.

Weekend Rate fees apply.


Do you work Bank Holidays?

As a general rule: no.

Holiday or Long Weekend Rate fees apply.

Subject to Client and level of service with them, Watering duties while you are away on holiday or as and when needed in Emergencies to include weekends is discussed on a per need basis.

Working either to an agreed set plan and schedule, or as and if weather requires is needed/meritted.

Subject to availability and Schedule pricing.

My last Gardener didn’t do this!

[I get handed a List of things someone refused to do]

Do you do those?

Ask me and I will say yes or no.

If I can and we agree a price, consider it done.

If I can’t, if the job or tasks interests me, and furthers my knowledge or experience; I’ll offer to learn or read up enough and have a go if viable/legal/practical.  You can decide if you think I can.

& I cannot do the task I will do my best to find someone who can and is good and value for money to do what I cannot.


If you have a task you wish done and have not seen it or read about it as a service I offer, then please ask.


Currently I do not hold a License, the correct training or equipment or the desire to do these things:


  • License or training required.

Spray License for Pesticides/weedkilling (PA1 & 6)

Chainsaw Work – other than light pruning with a small bar/Reciprocating Saw or Pruning saw.

Remove objects requiring a trailer. (No Tow bar, trailer or licensed to drive with a trailer.)

Remove non Green waste.


  • Equipment.

Carry more than 250KG to/from your Garden.

Work over a height of 1M without someone I designate to “Foot the ladder” for my safety and Legal reasons.  Labourer charges to apply.

Pruning work requiring a power tool “to be done at over waist height”; if I feel a need due to health and safety reasons or others I can justify will only be undertaken with someone I designate to “Watch my back and surroundings” for my safety and Legal reasons.   Labourer charges to apply.

I have no desire to;

  • Do the work of 2 or more people alone.  Let alone for a Single person pay rate.
  • Argue with any Client over Health and Safety.  If I decide it’s not safe for me to do, then I won’t do it.


Would you?


Do you have enough work on at the moment?

I am doing the hours I feel comfortable and healthy doing.

If you mean; am I looking to take someone on as an assistant?  Sure, I currently have work for someone with the right skill and ability, or the will and hard work desire and ethic to learn.

There is a Position for an Employee currently open at Shadow Of The Gardener.


I keep hearing about or you keep mentioning “The Journey”, exactly what is it?

“In short it’s a path through your Garden Space!”

Though they started calling them Journeys, and I am being tongue in cheek here.

Watch Alan Titchmarsh and Co long enough and you’ll soon hear them use the Term “Journey”.  A way of blending the path witht he walk through your Garden and Greenery.  Taking you somewhere, drawing you down the path.  I’m still a little practical in this respects as often as not those pretty little paths are the ones I need to remove bulk bags over. 😉

I’m all for Pretty little Journeys or Walkways to Dream of, so long as somewhere in the area is easy access for bulk items!


Gardener’s Assistant Position.


Requires Weekday Schooling/Tutoring-

Leading to Zero Hour Contract for initial Assessment and then Trial period.  Then at agreed period of any potential Probation Period Contracted Hours will be discussed based on Performance and Abilities as well as work on Company Books – Totally Performance Based.

Must be Dog Friendly and tolerant of other Animals.  –  Non negotiable.

Google How to become an Apprentice with a Private company and Click to tell me you are interested.

Gardeners work in other peoples Gardens and around Clients Homes.  You have to respect and be tolerant of Pets as well as Humans in this Company/World.  You are a guest providing a service to people in their personal spaces.

You must also be DBS Checkable and Clear if/when checked.

You must keep your DBS status at all times to work for SOTG.  Non negotiable.


Now the good part…

If you like working outdoors, don’t mind getting wet, muddy, hot, sweaty, tired.  Attacked by roses, licked by dogs, adored by your clients and praised from your boss when you do a good job.

If you are not afraid of hard work, enjoying your job be it in the sun, rain

Are happiest around animals, people and nature…

I work simple hours outdoors and in, making people smile and relax.

I go to work smiling I come home smiling.

Every day is take my dog to work day.

I love my job, I love what I do and I adore the effect it has on my clients.




Apply within and tell me why.