Having a beautiful garden can be a time consuming affair.

Mowing the lawn twice a week, pruning, weeding, dead heading, planting new stock to replace old stock.   All adds up and can take you away from enjoying your garden.  This can be just the start of a very long list of weekly jobs in an average garden.

Just a few of the basic jobs each week all add up to a large chunk of time and it might be time you do not have, or you may not have the interest to do them yourself.  Of course, some people just don’t get on well with taking care of plants, so would rather someone else ensured they survived.

If you are not ‘Green Fingered’, or are lovingly known as a “Serial Plant murderer” even capable of finishing off a Cactus in a week…

Allow us to assist you and give your plants and garden the care it needs.


Basic garden care need not be expensive, it can start from a few hours a week to take care of a small garden, through to a day per week or more for a larger one.

You don’t need to spend this time working on your garden when you can instead, spend the time enjoying it!

A lush Green freshly mown lawn, stunning borders, rockeries that are crisp and clean, hanging baskets bursting with colours, and a herb garden emanating aroma’s.  All without the effort and time, just yours to be enjoyed and proudly showed off to the neigbours, friends and family.

Depending on your requirements or desires for your garden, we can tailor a care package for it to suit your needs and budget.

Even if it is just coming to mow the lawn once  a week or cover the watering while you go away for 2 weeks.

We do offer Holiday care cover packages if you need!

For much more involved care, we can start work on your garden when the Growing season starts in Spring, right through to closing the garden down at the end of season and clearing the final leaves up in Autumn.  So it will be ready for the following year after a full season of glorious colour and vibrant growth Spring through till Fall.


We can also pressure wash driveways, decking and patio’s with a Jet Wash system to revitalise your garden and give it a clean that will make it feel like new at the start of Summer just before the BBQ comes out for the first time and so you and your guests can enjoy themselves.

More about Jet Washing Services here.


Lawn Care.

It doesn’t start and end with mowing the Grass during the growing season!

For a nice Lawn many hours of hard work and care is required.  For that pristine Bowling or Cricket club lawn, it’s almost a never ending task.

The results however, are worth it!

Mowing, edging, seeding, feeding, Scarifying and Aeration.  Weed control and Moss reduction and prevention, if you have a lawn of any decent size you will know what a headache they can be to keep.

However, with just a small regular amount of time invested in them…

They can pay you back with lush Green spaces that you can relax on or admire and be the envy of your neighbours and friends when they see your stunning striped delight Lawn.  Setting off your Borders or being a focal point or part of your Gardens ‘Journey’, lined with Hedges or Shrubs, a framed and well kept delight.

This can of course be too much trouble or a time consuming folly for many, and is often cited as the of the most hated jobs when you own a garden.

Sit back, relax and let someone else take the chore on instead.  Depending on your vision for your Grassed areas, we can do the hard work for you.

Please note:

Removal of Garden Waste – Shadow of the Gardener is registered as a Waste Carrier.

Grass clippings, leaf fall, minor prunings and bough/branches can be removed from your Garden or site by us at our discretion.

Large amounts though will be charged for at a reasonable rate to cover transportation and the time costs for removing and disposing of it.

We however encourage you to use these materials as compost in the making, or to be used in or around your garden to return the nutrients in them back to your garden.

We DO NOT remove General Household Rubbish or dispose of it, nor do we deal with clearing up hazardous materials, Liquids or items meant for general disposal or that requires specially licensed or equipped services to remove them.

All ‘Green Garden Materials’ we remove at our goodwill or paid to be removed will; if and when possible, be disposed of in an eco friendly manner.





Specific Locations Shadow of the Gardener covers for Gardening and Gardening Services.

Gardening and Gardening Services provided to Oakham, Uppingham and surrounding villages in Rutland.  Please check this list to see the Places covered.

  • Barleythorpe, Barrow, Barrowden, Beaumont Chase, Belmesthorpe, Belton-in-Rutland, Bisbrooke, Braunston-in-Rutland, Brooke, Burley
  • Caldecott, Clipsham, Cottesmore
  • Edith Weston, Egleton, Empingham, Essendine, Exton
  • Glaston, Great Casterton, Greetham, Gunthorpe
  • Hambleton, Horn
  • Ketton
  • Langham, Leighfield, Little Casterton, Lyddington, Lyndon
  • Manton, Market Overton, Martinsthorpe, Morcott
  • Normanton, North Luffenham
  • Oakham
  • Pickworth, Pilton, Preston
  • Ridlington, Ryhall
  • Seaton, South Luffenham, Stoke Dry, Stretton
  • Teigh, Thistleton, Thorpe by Water, Tickencote, Tinwell, Tixover
  • Uppingham
  • Wardley, Whissendine, Whitwell, Wing

Outside of the County of Rutland is generally not considered due to the time factor of travel.

Exceptions can be made depending on:

The amount of work or if a substantial amount of hours on a regular basis are required.





Tree Surgery.

We do not provide Tree Surgery Services.

This is a Highly specialist area and requires a Certified/qualified – skilled expertise.

Also requiring high level of Insurances to cover such work.

As well as very specialised equipment.

It is also a HIGHLY DANGEROUS trade, so we advise only getting a qualified and reputable Tree Surgeon in to do any Tree Surgery.

Light pruning of trees can be undertaken with the upper limit of Bough or Branches of approximately 6 Inch thickness so long as the work does not require Rope and safety harnesses to undertake.  We use a long handled Pole Pruner/Chainsaw and can work to a height of around 3 Meters without use of Ladders*.

(*Any work requiring the use of a ladder of 2 Meters or more will require a second operator to foot the ladder for safety and this work will incur an extra charge to cover the cost of the second operator.)