This job is full Contact.

Safety Boots are a must; on and off site during the whole working day.

Rated safety wear Steel Toe cap & Sole protection.


My footwear:


Given the hard wearing nature of my daily work; I go through a few pairs of boots each year.

If not a pair per season.


Operator and Reviewer Stats & Sizes:

Feet Size ~ 8 or 9 UK /  42/43 Euro depending on Brand/Fit.

Work boots require thicker Work Socks and must allow for the Toe Plate when wearing them.


All boots must be Waterproof/Water Resist level boots as a minimum spec.

I prefer the higher above ankle full boot.


Currently on Trial:

JCB Nubuck Tan Leather Work Boots.

Stanley Work Boots (Replacing Fatmax Work Boots due to catastrophic failure of metal foot plate.)

Pretty impressed with the latest offering from J.C.B.  Good lookers and nice to wear.

Comfy though hefty & reassuring!