Some of my Work in Small Garden Spaces.


Deb’s Garden.

Small Space,

Mostly a Flagged Rear Area.

Good Sun Aspect.

Narrow Side Borders and overlooking or being overlooked by neighbours.

Small Space for Bed and Bedding.


Initial Viewing:

Large areas of Weeds.

Paving requiring Pressure Washing.

Shrub/Tree requires “stumping”.

Rickety old fence.

Original – First Visit Images- Copyrights Apply.



Battle Plan:


  • First Visit Assessment and Prep.
  • Deweed & Clean Paving.
  • Cull Shrub and Prepare for Stumping.
  • Visual Impact – Instant.
  • Safer Work Space and hazards potential initial Risk Assessment.
  • Work Access and Employment or Deployment of Tools and Kit for Job calculated.

Second Visit Plan:

  • Continue Deweed Campaign and Paving Pressure Wash.
  • Install Green Waste Bulk Bag.
  • Remove Green Waste @ Cost.


Third Visit.

  • Front Garden Assessment and Prep.


Job Tool List:

  • Pressure Washer – By Karcher @ 120 Bar
  • Strimming – By Hyundai.
  • Brush – Charles Bentley



  • Safety Boots by: Site @ Screwfix
  • Waterproof and Padded Overtrousers.
  • Chest Rig by: Oregon.
  • Gloves by: Stanley.
  • Face Protection by: Honeywell

Wheelbarrow Access?  – Yes, Just. [Handballing Items required @ Rear Gate only.)


Further Vision and Creational Designing by


I’d like there to be a softer feeling left behind when I am done at this Garden space.  Something mellow and soothing, therapeutic but fit for purpose.  It is after all a space that is used often but could be used for more while being used or sat in as the Owner often does.

It all needs to be Canine and Feline Friendly.

It’s a very hard faced floor so softening that texture up and given no permanent fixtures/fittings are viable due to Rented Property.  A transportable or Easy to remove Garden restraint has to be adopted also as it is a Tenancy.

Mention of A Pot Garden or using Troughs and Easily Hot Swappable Container elements advised.

Fence Coating after repair and perhaps some Wiring or Cane Structure to support Plants and Wildlife and Soften Edge or Straight Lines.

There is a line of sight to place a very small “Journey” from the direct line out of the backdoor to where the current Rear Facing Gate exists and it allows a Diagonal Journey Path to be relevant to Speed in Egress and Entry.

Small Bed at foot of upper Paving area has possibly been used for a Pond Previously, consideration for a Water Feature again or installation of one to use that space.

Or use it as a small Raised Deck for a Chair and Table for a different View after a Reworking of the space.

Current thought is of a replenished Bed for a border and bed mini feature.