My thoughts on their products.


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I’m currently in the process of using some of the Tools and Multi Change Heads from this company and I am so far impressed.

Bright and bold color scheme makes for easy recognition or laying eyes on their Products.


Strong Tools and some clever Options.


While I could for fun enjoy having their Full Catalogue of Tools and Tool heads, human powered or otherwise.  For now I’m sticking on a diet of their tools I can use and save me time using or ones with certain special attributes which is why they were bought.  One of my main initial draws to is essential;ly replacing several tools with a small range of multi use Tool Heads.  Saving me space in the van and adaptability with Tools on Site.


I will go so far as to say;

If you are going to buy any of their tools, the Push Pull weeding Heads are brilliant, as is the Ridging Tool.  Top Rated Gardener kit and up to the task and then some.

Some of the Tool Heads or Toys are quite fanciful or perhaps could be said are overengineered.

Others make a little niche task so easy or a long hard and mundane one less painful.

Reviews of all of them can be found Online elsewhere.

The following are my own personal views and remarks about their Good Points and their Bad Points when used as a Hobbyist and a Professional Gardener.

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