As ever, getting Bulk deliveries when you want them & then dropped where you want them.

Is a nightmare!


Logistics eat up my day like nothing else does.

Ask my new Team member Josh about that.


Today I was lucky, I had 2 great Team members.

Kev: Delivery driver for Travis Perkins.

& Josh teaming up on Safety duties for Kev.

Josh did sterling work ensuring Kev’s back was being watched; while Kev dropped the load over a wall and through a difficult small gap.

Again saving the load having to be wheel barrowed around an even tighter corner than last time Kev knew it was an SOTG Delivery.

I had the joy of standing on the corner of the road, in the middle of the road; pretending to be a Traffic Cone.

Thanks Kev & Josh!

We appreciate the support of Traffic momentarily held up by us.

& thanks to the drivers who were patient & allowed the load to be dropped quickly & safely.