Redwood Bonsai stock for sale.

Grown in Rutland UK.

UK Hardy Evergreen Stock.
Hand Selected Yamadori.

5+ Years Wild grown.
Less than 10 left in stock.

Prices from £1500.

– Yamadori.

Dawn Redwood Bonsai Material.

Matured & weathered by nature for over 5 Years.

Grown privately in an exposed position on a hidden Bonsai nursery in Rutland.

Having endured bleak Winters and long droughts through Summers.

These Trees have endured and grown strong.

Watered by hand when needed, ended, fed and cared for for over 5 Years.


Growing to heights of over 5 Metres before being hunted and harvested, to ensure their size and shape are superior in quality.

Sculpted and crafted by wind and rain, forces of nature shaping them, ensuring the strong only survive.
Grown in small groups for over 5 Years, then collected when the best of the stock is thick enough to make high end stock for bonsai.

The Redwoods are dug out by the Shadow of the Gardener Team, prepared and transported to the nursery.

They are then root and pot trained, once healthy and growing in pots; they can then be prepared for sale.

Or the most prized of the stock; will go on for further Bonsai training for later sale at Auctions or for a Private Collector.

  • Average height of 1.5m
  • Thick Trunks
  • Good roots
  • Craggy bark
  • Strong growth

Nationwide Delivery.

  • A Courier of your own choosing.
  • By prior arrangement only.
  • At your own Risk & Cost.

Local Collection Rutland UK.

Redwoods Require:

  • Full/Partial Sun.
  • Some shade during high Summer.
    Frost protection if in a container, pot or exposed position during frosts.
  • Likes moist soil, especially in Summer, watch for root rot from overwatering without proper drainage.


Known for:

  • Impressive growth and back budding.
  • Height and Trunk thickness.
  • Impressive presence.
  • Lush growth.
  • Prehistoric Tree.


Best for:

Group plantings of Redwoods are highly prized, a range of stock sizes can be used to achieve a natural miniature forest look.

Or a very large and impressive mature Redwood can be used and crafted into a majestic style to suit this beloved Bonsai material.