Tennis court Cleaning by


A single tennis court is 23.77m long and 8.23m wide, with the service line being 6.4m from the net.

The total playing area is 195.65m²

Shadow of the Gardener offers a 1 Day Booking Package.


Basic Package.
  1. Ultra High Pressure Washing.
  2. With Whirlaway & Power Lance.
  3. Water Pressure Treatment Only.
Starting from: £400 for lightly soiled/surface dirt only.

For a Single Tennis Court sized area.

UHPW & Whirlaway Rotary Cleaner.

Optional –

Power Brushing + Moss removal

*before UHPW Power Lancing or Whirlaway.

This will reduce the amount of moss and other removable green material needing to be washed away.

Enabling a quicker & more effective power wash or Whirlaway ultra high jet wash pass.


How to gauge the level of cleaning required / Booking slots required.

Do you have your Court surface Cleaned Annually & Treated Annually or Biannually?


Starting from: £400 for a single court sized area, please contact me to arrange a viewing so a quote can be calculated.

If you play on your court a lot, you tend to treat it often & well.  So if it is just in need of a deep wash for a Spring clean.  This will take approximately a day.


The Court has not been Cleaned or Sprayed for over a Year.

This will more than likely be a 2 Day booking, please contact me to arrange a viewing so a quote can be calculated.

It’s been a while since the Court was cleaned or sprayed.  So there are moss and algae patches already spreading in several places.  Also the leaves and other garden matter inside has not been cleaned for the same period.

This will take longer than a day as more than one pass may be required; or Power Brushing may be required to remove the Moss infiltration or remove the scrub garden waste etc before a Power Washer can be deployed.


The Court is now a very fluffy furry Green carpet in places...  Help!

Sounds like it might potentially be a 3 day booking + a return visit if it really is that bad!

You’ve either just bought the house, or other things have gotten in the way.  So it’s been neglected for a long time.  Now it’s more a Green Carpet or half way to becoming a Bowling Green.  It needs dealing with & sooner rather than later.

This could be anywhere from a 3 or 4 day booking, or a full working week to get the court back into shape to play on.


Larger Courts, Basketball/4-A-Side Courts etc will take longer & require a viewing to evaluate which machine would be best for your requirements.  Please contact me to arrange a viewing so a quote can be calculated.


Contact Form for Tennis Court Cleaning.